St. Thomas University
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $5,552.00  Students: 2,300
51 Dineen Drive
Fredericton, NB      E3B 5G3
(506) 452-0640

St. Thomas University

The St. Thomas University was established in 1910. It is a public and Catholic “liberal arts” institution that offers undergraduate degrees to students. It shares the college hill area in Fredericton with the University of New Brunswick's Fredericton campus, and they both share the resources for their libraries, and student unions. Students from both colleges have the added option of taking a number of classes from either college. ... continued below

About St. Thomas University

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

There are six academic buildings in the campus. They are the Brian Mulroney Hall, Margaret Norrie McCain Hall, Holy Cross House, James Dunn Hall, George Martin Hall, and Edmund Casey Hall. Many recent developments have been added to the university, such as the Welcome Centre (admissions), Brian Mulroney Hall (student areas, faculty offices, and classrooms), Chatham Hall (residence), and Margaret Norrie McCain Hall. The J.B. O’Keefe Fitness Centre has a state of the art gymnasium that offers its students free cardio and weight training facilities, squash courts, basketball courts, gyms, tennis courts, pools and outdoor fields. The campus has also given students more access to computer labs which now provide free web access, word processing, and email. The campus also offers in-campus residences to students. Some of these options include: Chatham Hall, Harrington Hall, Holy Cross House, Rigby Hall, Windsor Street Houses, and Vanier Hall.

Student Services and Student Life

The university offers the following services: Academic Advising, Admissions, Athletics, Banking, Campus Ministry, Career Resource Centre, Computer Labs, Counselling Services, Day Care, Extracurricular Activities, Food/Restaurants, JOBS Programme, Libraries, Medical Services, Services for Student Accessibility, Shopping, Student Advocate, Transportation, Tutoring, and Writing Service.

St. Thomas University shares its Student Union building with the University of New Brunswick. It has a Student Advocate which helps solve problems inside and outside the campus, and they provide legal advice to students. The SafeWheels program offers free taxi services for students who are getting out of the campus at night. It operates from 9:30pm to 11:30 pm, Sundays to Thursdays. The Used Book Room is located in James Dunn Hall, where it offers a large collection of books at affordable prices. Students can also sell their books here. The Campus Police maintain order and security at campus events. The Bus Pass, where full-time enrolled students are allowed to use the bus service (on any Fredericton Transit bus route) any time. The Help Desk provides students free phone calls, fax services, bus schedules, first aid kits, office supplies, directions, and other practical help. Aside from these, the Student Union acts as an external lobbyist for students, representing them in addressing their most important needs and rights to the government. The Student Union also offers Student Groups and Societies to make the student’s stay more enjoyable. Some of them include: AIESEC, Amnesty International, Best Buddies, Campus Ministry, French Society, Habitats for Humanity, Humanitarian Aid Society, Human Rights Society, Independent Film Society, Journalism Society, STUISA (International Student Association), STUSAC (St. Thomas University Student Athlete Council), STU Volunteer Tutoring Society, Theatre St. Thomas, UNB/STU Catholic Students Association, UNB/STU Fencing Club, UNB/STU REDS Cheerleading, UNB/STU Rowing Club, and the Varsity Christian Fellowship.

Academic Programs

Some of the academic programs that the campus offers its students include: Science and Technology Studies, Psychology, Political Science, Philosophy, Media Studies, Journalism and Communications, Technology Studies, Spanish, Women's Studies and Gender Studies, Italian, International Relations, Humanities, Gerontology, French, Fine Arts, Social Work, Sociology, Education, Economics, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Core, Catholic Studies, Aquinas, and Anthropology.

Famous Alumni

Some of the most notable alumni of St. Thomas University are: Harry Forestell, Journalist, Raymond Fraser, Author, Shawn Graham, Premier of New Brunswick, Kelly Lamrock, New Brunswick Minister of Education, Shane Ruttle Martinez, Human Rights Journalist, Brian Mulroney, Former Canadian Prime Minister, Sandra Lovelace Nicholas, Canadian Senator, Anna Silk, Actress, Lyman Ward, Actor, and David Adams Richards, Author, Screenwriter.

Fredericton Information

Fredericton is the capital of the Canadian province of New Brunswick. The city is situated in the west-central portion of the province and, along with Moncton and Saint John, is one of the main urban centres in southern New Brunswick. The St. John River flows in a west-east direction, bisecting the city and providing the dominant natural feature for the municipality.

The city is an important cultural, artistic and educational centre for the province and is home to two universities - the University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University. Fredericton is home to cultural institutions such as the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the York-Sunbury Museum and The Playhouse, the latter which serves as a venue for theatre, concerts and other entertaining diversions.

The city hosts the annual Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, attracting regional and international jazz and blues artists. As a provincial capital, its economy is inextricably tied to the fortunes of the public sector; however, the city also contains a growing IT and commercial sector. The city boasts the highest percentage of residents with a post-secondary education in the province and one of the highest per capita incomes.


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