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Bethany College
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $6,400  Students: 73
Box 160
Hepburn, SK      SOK 1ZO

Bethany College

Bethany College, taken from the name, “Bethany” (near Jerusalem), was established in 1927. It was formerly called “Bethany Bible College,” and ran a five-year program for students who pursued full-time ministry. In 1958, the school merged with the Herbert Bible School, and in 1968, was sponsored by the Saskatchewan Mennonite and Alberta Brethren. Its mission is to “nurture disciples and train leaders to serve.” ... continued below

About Bethany College

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

The College has the Bethany Place, which includes the Auditorium/Gymnasium, and classrooms. It also includes the Ministry Arts wing, which contains more teaching spaces and a music studios. There is also the Administration Building, which houses the Learning Resource Centre (Library), classrooms, offices, chapel, staff/faculty offices, student lounge, dining hall, and mall area. Students who want to live inside the campus can take advantage of the on-campus residences provided for by the College. Each residence comes with common areas, microwave, television, and sink. Rooms can accommodate two students, and furnishings include: closets, bookshelves, chairs, desks, mattresses, and single beds.

Student Services and Student Life

The College offers the following services: Mentoring, Caregiving, Career/Future Planning, Counselling, Food Services, Health Services, Housing, and Student Employment Program.

The Student Council is the elected student body of the College. Its role is to encourage social and spiritual activities within the school. They also organize events like the annual Christmas banquet, Intramurals, Outreach events, and talent nights.

Bethany College is a member of the Prairie Athletic Conference for indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, and outdoor soccer. Its Basketball Teams are also an active player in the Alberta Colleges Athletic League. The Bethany Athletic Department is focused on coaching, skill development, administration, and sports. It offers seminars, which include technical courses, coaching theories, sport first aid, and athletic taping. It offers the following programs: Outdoor soccer for men and women, Indoor soccer for men and women, Volleyball for men and women, and Basketball for men and women. The Athletic Department also has a leadership development program. Bethany Sports Camps is a summer ministry which allows current students, alumni, and friends to be a part of the volleyball, and basketball skill development camps.

Academic Programs

Bethany offers the following programs: The TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate (15 credits); ExCiTe Certificate (1 year); Diploma of Biblical Studies (2 years); Bachelor of Christian Studies Degree (3 years); and Bachelor of Arts Degree (4 years).

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The College offers the following scholarships to students: Alberta MB Conference, Audrey Andres Memorial Scholarship, Margaret Balzer Memorial Scholarship, Rueben & Emma Baerg Scholarship, Bethany Leadership Award, Bethany Alumni Association Scholarship, Betty (Schmidt) Goosen Memorial Scholarship, J.J. Gossen Music Scholarship, P.J. Harder Memorial Scholarship, Peter Heinrichs Memorial Scholarship, Huebert Memorial Scholarship Susie Janzen Memorial Scholarship, Henry & Luella Krahn Memorial Scholarship, J.H. Lohrenz Scholarship, Anna Martens Memorial Scholarship, Mennonite Trust Scholarships, Peter & Mina Pauls Memorial Scholarship, George and Susie Peters Scholarship, Saskatchewan MB Conference, Jake A. Wiebe Memorial Scholarship, Ted Wiens Memorial Scholarship, H.M. and Mabel Willems Memorial Scholarship, and Lavonne Willems Memorial Scholarship







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