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Arizona REEL Milk Moments Scholarship

Scholarship Value: $8,000
Awards Available: 3

The Arizona Milk Producers Scholarship Contest (the "Contest") is open to legal residents of Arizona who are 17 years of age or older and are (or will be) enrolled in a post-secondary school (university, college, or community college) in the state of Arizona for the 2021 fall term with at least 12 credit hours. Individuals enrolled in trade schools or technical programs are not eligible. Employees and family members of Arizona Milk Producers ("Sponsor") or United Dairymen of Arizona are not eligible. Individuals who have previously been awarded a scholarship through one of Arizona Milk Producers' College Scholarship contests are not eligible.

Contest Period

The contest entry period begins at 12:00:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 1, 2020 and will conclude at 11:59:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 31, 2021.

How to Enter

During the contest period, enter by completing the following steps:

1) Create a :30 seconds or less video showing how and why dairy is part of your day (see Video Criteria for full description of video requirements).

2) Visit http://azmilk.co/contest to upload your video and fill out an official entry form.

Limit one (1) entry per person. Submission of an entry grants Sponsor and its agents the right to publish, use, adapt, edit and/or modify the video in any way, in any and all media, without limitation, and without consideration to you.

Video Criteria:

A) Must be :30 seconds or less

B) Must feature original content

C) Tells the story of how dairy plays a part in your day

D) Depict the benefits of dairy (e.g., enjoyment, as part of sports or other activity, nutrition, etc.)

E) Must feature at least one dairy product e.g., milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.

F) Must include the words "real milk" or "real dairy", spoken audibly or appearing as a graphic

G) Must be submitting in one of the following accepted formats: MP4,MOV, .MEG4, .AVI, .WMV, .MPEGPS, .FLV, .3GPP, WebM

H) Other people besides applicant may be included, however, by participating, each person(s) must also agree to terms and conditions of this contest

I) Uploaded videos may not contain: sexual or obscene content, racist content, depictions of violence, obscene gestures (please use commonsense), drugs or drug abuse, focus on logotypes or other text elements and bullying or harassment

J) Entry cannot defame, misrepresent or contain disparaging remarks about Sponsor or its products, or other people, products or companies

K) Entry cannot infringe trademarks, logos or trade dress owned by others, oradvertise or promote any brand or product of any kind (other than Sponsor'sbrands/products), without permission, or contain any personal identification, such as license plate numbers, personal names, e-mail addresses or street addresses

L) Entry cannot infringe on copyrighted materials owned by others (including music, photographs, sculptures, paintings and other works of art or images published on or in websites, television, movies or other media) without permission; Sponsor does not permit the infringement of others' rights and any use of materials not original to the entrant (except copyrighted materials owned by Sponsor) is grounds for disqualification from the Contest

M) No background artwork should appear in an entry unless it is an original work of the entrant. Any artwork, murals, etc. that can be seen in entry must be created solely by the entrant or entrant must be the sole owner of all copyright interests therein

N) Entry cannot contain materials embodying the names, likenesses, photographs, or other indicia identifying any person, living or dead

O) Entry cannot communicate messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or goodwill to which Sponsor wishes to associate (as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion)

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