Scholarship Value: $75,000
Awards Available: 600
Award Deadline: April 1, 2019

Students in grades 9-12 or equivalent must compete in an Intel ISEF affiliated science fairs around the world AND win the right to attend the Intel ISEF. Each affiliated fair may send a pre-determined number of projects to the Intel ISEF (as factored by participation and high school population) to compete in 22 different categories.

What is the timeline for Intel ISEF and when should I start my research?

Students may present work for their project which includes no more than 12 months of continuous research and may not include research performed over 18 months from the time of the Intel ISEF Fair in which they will be competing. Local, regional, and state affiliated fairs take place throughout the year, but all will be completed by early April.

What is an Intel ISEF affiliated science fair?

A Society-affiliated science fair is a research-based, high school competition that is a member of the Intel ISEF network. These competitions exist in 46 states, the District of Columbia, and 70 countries, regions, and territories. To affiliate, science fairs agree to follow basic guidelines for fair operations and Intel ISEF rules governing student research, but are ultimately responsible for their own management. Fairs are conducted at local, regional, state and national levels.

How do I find an Affiliated Fair in my state or country?

Fairs are conducted at local, regional, state and national levels. Find an Society-affiliated fair in your area. For more information about a specific fair in your area, you can contact the fair directly by clicking on the fair name, which will direct you to their website.


1. Each Intel ISEF-affiliated fair may send to Intel ISEF the number of projects provided by their affiliation agreement.

2. A student must be selected by an Intel ISEF-affiliated fair, and meet both of the following:

a. be in grades 9 12 or equivalent; and

b. not have reached age 20 on or before May 1 preceding the Intel ISEF.

3. English is the official language of the Intel ISEF. Student project boards and abstracts must be in English.

4. Each student is only allowed to enter one project. That project may include no more than 12 months of continuous research and may not include research performed before January 2018.

5. Team projects must have no more than three members. Teams competing at Intel ISEF must be composed of members who all meet Intel ISEF eligibility.

6. Students may compete in only one Intel ISEF affiliated fair, except when proceeding to a state/national fair affiliated with the Intel ISEF from an affiliated regional fair.

7. Projects that are demonstrations, 'library' research or informational projects, 'explanation' models or kit building are not appropriate for the Intel ISEF.

8. All sciences and engineering disciplines are represented at the Intel ISEF and projects compete in one of the 22 categories.

9. A research project may be a part of a larger study performed by professional scientists, but the project presented by the student must be only their own portion of the complete study.

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