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Georgia HOPE Scholarship

Scholarship Value: $3,600
Awards Available: 32767
Award Deadline: June 15, 2020

Georgia's HOPE Scholarship is available to Georgia residents who have demonstrated academic achievement. The scholarship provides money to assist students with their educational costs of attending a HOPE-eligible college in Georgia.

Basic Eligibility

All HOPE programs require students to meet basic requirements. An eligible student must:

A) Meet HOPE's U.S. citizenship or eligible non-citizen requirements;

B) Be a legal resident of Georgia;

C) Meet enrollment requirements;

D) Be in compliance with Selective Service registration requirements;

E) Meet academic achievement standards;

F) Be in good standing on all student loans or other financial aid programs;

G) Be in compliance with the Georgia Drug-Free Postsecondary Education Act of 1990;

H) Not have exceeded the maximum award limits for any HOPE program.

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Georgia HOPE Scholarship