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Gene Hayes Scholarship

Scholarship Value: $1,000
Awards Available: 3
Award Deadline: September 1, 2016

The Gene Hayes Scholarship Fund provides approximately $4000 per year support to students with disabilities who require funding to meet a unique learning need which is a result of their disability.


All applicants for the Gene Hayes Scholarship must have a sound academic record. Students with a disability who require support services (e.g. text readers or note takers) or, specialized materials and equipment to provide greater learning accessibility are encouraged to apply. Standard educational costs (e.g. tuition or textbooks) and regular living expenses (e.g. rent or food) are not eligible for support.

Amount of Award:

The Gene Hayes Scholarship Fund seeks to provide funding to cover the cost of the additional services, materials or equipment required by the student to meet his or her unique learning needs. Normally, a recipient of the Gene Hayes Scholarship will not receive more than $1000 in any given academic year.

Application Procedures:

Applicants must complete “The Gene Hayes Scholarship Application Form” and submit it to: Director of Student Affairs, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 5G3.The deadline for receipt of applications is September 1, however, applications will be accepted through the academic year provided that there are monies available in the scholarship fund.

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Gene Hayes Scholarship