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Seymour Schulich Scholarships and Awards

Scholarship Value: $10,000
Awards Available: 24
Award Deadline: December 15, 2017

A minimum of 24 Seymour Schulich Scholarships are available each year. Half of the scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence and half are awarded based on outstanding community service or entrepreneurial activities. For more information, please visit the Awards page.

Are you eligible?

In previous years, the talent and academic strength of short-listed applicants has been tremendous. A team of professors and students gather at the Schulich School of Engineering start interviewing top candidates in February.

Profiles vary, but successful Community Service / Entrepreneurial High School Award winners combine:

A) Athletic excellence - at a school, provincial or national level

B) Musical talent - achievements in their instrument and musical leadership

C) Volunteerism - organizing school, community or city events and activities

D) Service - church, school or civic leadership

E) Entrepreneurism - business development, marketing and growth

F) Although the focus of the Community Service / Entrepreneurial High School Awards is not academics, it's not surprising that many of the winning students are often at the top of their class.

When selecting the Academic Excellence Awards, students are ranked against each other based on academic achievement. Often, several international baccalaureate and advanced placement students rise to the top. Winning students' marks are consistently within the high 90 percent range.

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Seymour Schulich Scholarships and Awards