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Randal Dooley Memorial Entrance Bursary

Scholarship Value: $2,475
Awards Available: 2

The Randal Dooley Memorial Entrance Bursary serves an important role, by raising awareness about child abuse and the welfare of children in the community, while contributing to children's development through education. York University is pleased to work with the surrounding community and concerned citizens to ensure that all children in our community have a fair chance in life.

Criteria for awarding the Randal Dooley Memorial Bursary:

1. The student must be a graduate of a high school in the Jane and Finch area, i.e., from Westview Collegiate, Downsview Secondary School, Madonna Catholic Secondary School, Emery Collegiage Institute, James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic School, or C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute.

2. The student must be entering the first year of full-time study in the Faculty of Arts at York University

3. The student must demon strate financial need.

4. The student must demonstrate community involvement in the Jane and Finch area.

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Randal Dooley Memorial Entrance Bursary