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Radio and Television - John Webb Graham Q.C. Rogers Multicultural Scholarship

Scholarship Value: $10,000
Awards Available: 4

Rogers OMNI Television has been dedicated to multicultural and multilingual broadcasting over the air and on cable for the past 20 years. In 1986, the Canadian Radio and Television Communication approved its acquisition of CFMT-TV (now OMNI 1 & OMNI 2). It is as a result of its direct involvement with Canada’s first and only multilingual/multicultural television station that Rogers OMNI Television offers these scholarships.

There are four scholarships offered to students of ethnocultural or Native background who are fluent in a language other than English. One of the four scholarships is targeted to a student from the greater Ottawa area.

VALUE: Full Tuition for each year of the program to a maximum of four years.

Students must maintain full-time status (80% course load per term) and achieve a clear academic standing at the end of each year.


The Scholarship awards will be presented to students in their first year of Radio and Television Arts.


1. Canadian citizen or permanent resident

3. Must speak English and be fluent in their mother tongue which may include a Native language. Where French is the mother tongue this does not refer to Canada’s official language, but to those ethnocultural groups who have French as their mother tongue, e.g. France, African communities, Caribbean communities, etc.


1. A 500-word essay explaining their reasons for choosing a career in television

2. The Multicultural Scholarship information form must be filled out and attached.

(page two of this document)

3. Preliminary adjudication of the students’ essays will be made by a committee involving the School Chair and selected faculty. Rogers OMNI Television will make the final selections.

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Radio and Television - John Webb Graham Q.C. Rogers Multicultural Scholarship