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Ryerson University President's Entrance Scholarship

Scholarship Value: $10,000
Awards Available: 12

The President's National Entrance Scholarships are awarded to secondary school graduates who demonstrate academic accomplishment, leadership qualities, original thought and creative ability.


1. $10,000 per year

2. 12 awards (one per faculty)

3. Scholarship is renewable each year provided a 3.67 CGPA and a clear academic standing are maintained and a full-time course load of 80% (4 units) is carried in both the fall and winter semesters.

4. Recipients will be guaranteed a space in first-year residence for their first year of study. (Please note that residence costs are the responsibility of the scholarship recipient.)

5. Application deadline is April 1

6. Scholarship recipients will be notified in June.

Who is Eligible?

Students who are:

1. Current full-time Canadian secondary school students who are Canadian citizens/permanent residents qualifying for admission on the basis of the best six Grade 12U or M courses or equivalent with a minimum 90% final average required for consideration. All course work and course examinations must be completed by June 30.

2. Courses used in scholarship average calculations must be completed at the student's regular school.

3. Pursuing post-secondary studies on a full-time basis for the first time. Students who have taken up to three one-term post-secondary courses are also eligible but must have maintained first-class standing in these courses in addition to high academic performance in secondary school, as noted above.

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Ryerson University President's Entrance Scholarship
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