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Dalhousie University Entrance Scholarships

Scholarship Value: $4,000
Awards Available: 200

Going to university is investing in your future. We want to support students who have the potential to shape our campus community. Dalhousie's entrance awards recognize academic achievement and your unique skills and abilities.

High school students admitted to Dalhousie's Halifax campuses are eligible to apply for our general entrance award program. There are specific awards for those students applying to programs offered in the Faculty of Agriculture. Transfer or mature students will be considered for scholarships after completing one year of study at Dalhousie (refer to current undergraduate students for more information). Students admitted to third year Engineering, please see the Faculty of Engineering for scholarship information.

Entrance Awards

Dalhousie awards more than 2,000 entrance awards to our first year class including:

A) One time entrance scholarships valued between $500 and $3,000

B) Renewable entrance scholarships valued between $4,000 and $8,000 per year

C) Awards based on specific criteria (ie high school attended, program, home province, extra curricular activities etc) ranging from $1,000 one time awards to $20,000 per year.

All students who have submitted the scholarship application by the deadline will be considered for all awards for which they qualify.

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Dalhousie University Entrance Scholarships