Scholarship Value: $5,000
Awards Available: 9

CNIB Scholarships will be awarded to Canadian students who are blind or partially sighted for the purpose of attending a Canadian post-secondary institution.

Students who submit an application are automatically entered into competition for all CNIB Scholarships. Each applicant must submit only one completed application form to be considered for all available scholarships.

Recipients will be determined by the CNIB Scholarship Selection Committee in accordance with its application procedures.​

Amount of Award:

CNIB Scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000.​

1) CNIB Scholarships: $3000 scholarships
CNIB Scholarships are awarded to students who are blind or partially sighted and who demonstrate amazing courage, determination and passion in fighting for their independence and future.

2) FJL Woodcock SAPA Scholarships: $1000 scholarships
Established in 1989, these scholarships were named after Captain Fred Woodcock, a Second World War veteran who was blinded in action. These scholarships are made possible by the families of veterans who were blinded during combat in the First-and Second- World Wars, as well as the Korean War. The families donated generously to encourage blind and partially sighted students to pursue post-secondary education and training.

3) Barney Danson Scholarship: One $5000 scholarship
Barney Danson's life was one of service to his country - as soldier, MP, Minister of several portfolios in the Trudeau governments, Consul General in Boston, successful businessman and philanthropist. All this without the sight in one eye - lost in the war. Recipients of this scholarship have proven their dedication to success, despite their vision loss, through their academic, personal and charitable endeavors.

4) The Dr. John and Olive Pyper Scholarship: One $4,000 scholarship
Dr. John Pyper was an Ophthalmologist from Stratford, ON who in 1955 extracted the first two eyes donated to the Eye Bank of Canada (a joint project established in 1950 between CNIB and the Canadian Ophthalmological Society), and continued to perform this procedure for decades. Established in September 2014 by Dr. John and Olive Pyper’s heirs represented by Jon Pyper and Andrew Pyper, an annual scholarship was set up to be given to a student who is blind or partially sighted, living in any one of the counties of Southwestern Ontario (SWO), namely: Perth, Wellington, Waterloo, Oxford, Middlesex and Huron. The scholarship is designated to assist the recipient with tuition and other related costs while attending a post-secondary program.

5) The Bernice and Robert Gilbert Fund: One $1000 scholarship
The Bernice and Robert Gilbert Fund, held by Vancouver Foundation, was established through the Estate of the late Bernice Gilbert. The fund was created to support a bursary for a visually impaired student in a post-secondary institution in B.C.

6) The Joyce Family Foundation: Four $4000 scholarships
This Joyce Family Foundation was created by Canadian entrepreneur Ronald V. Joyce. Mr. Joyce is best known as the legendary Canadian entrepreneur who, in 1964, invested in the first Tim Hortons donut shop in Hamilton, Ontario and then grew the business into one of the most successful food service chains in the world. The Foundation's primary focus is to provide access to education for children and youth with significant financial need or facing other socio-economic barriers to success.


Students should have a high degree of motivation and independence, a reasonable level of achievement, and find the scholarship of assistance. Students must be:

A) Blind or partially sighted (less than 20/70 corrected);

B) A secondary school graduate entering post-secondary education;

C) A Canadian citizen or have held landed immigrant status for one year prior to the date of application.

Application Process:

To be considered eligible for the scholarship program students must submit the following documentation no later than May 31:

A) A completed application form;

B) Eye report from an Optometrist/Ophthalmologist

C) At least one letter of reference from a teacher or school official;

D) An indication of graduation from a secondary education program and;

E) Please enclose an essay of not more than two pages on the topic “My abilities vs. my disability”.

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