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American Society of Safety Professionals Scholarships and Grants

Scholarship Value: $10,000
Awards Available: 150

Since 1990, the ASSP Foundation has awarded more than $3 million in scholarships and professional education grants to students beginning their studies in occupational safety and professionals seeking to continue their education. We offer nearly 150 awards each year ranging from $500 to $15,000 each. More than 1,300 safety students and professionals have advanced their careers, thanks to the generosity of the safety community.


Q: What are the minimum requirements to apply for a scholarship?

A: Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

1) A GPA of 3.0 if applying as an undergraduate and 3.5 if applying as a graduate

2) At least 60 semester hours of undergraduate credits attained, or 24 if you are seeking an associate's degree

3) Must be enrolled and taking courses in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Q: How much is awarded each year?

A: More than $200,000 is available for scholarships. Awards range from $1,000 - $10,000.

Q: What is required of me to apply?

A: Applications must be submitted through the online application page. There are at least five required short answer pieces, with a limit of 500 words each. Take your time, and thoughtfully and clearly answer the questions. A big part of how applicants are rated comes from how you answer the short-answer questions. Reviewers are looking for your passion for the profession, and how you have and will play a part in enhancing the future of the profession. Be specific. This is the time to brag! The easiest way to be denied an award is to answer the questions with a single sentence.

The questions include:

1) What drew you to the field of safety and how has your education affected your views of the field?

2) What goals do you have for yourself, both in school and beyond, and what plans to do you have for reaching them?

3) What leadership and volunteer positions have you taken within the safety community and what positions do you envision in the future?

4) What is the greatest takeaway from your current year in school? What will you do with that knowledge to impact people throughout your career?

5) What makes you stand out as an applicant?

Q: Are letters of recommendation required?

A: Yes. At least one letter of recommendation by a professor is required. Letters are an important piece of the review and scoring of applications, so you are highly encouraged to request up to three letters of recommendations. Note that applications are not considered complete until all letters of recommendation are received. The deadline for letters of recommendation is December 1, 2020 by 11:59 pm, Central Time. Be sure to request your letters as early in the process as possible, by submitting your full application as soon as possible. Waiting until the deadline to submit your application can cause disqualification as that will not give your recommender(s) adequate time to submit a letter on your behalf. Only letters submitted through the online application will be accepted.

Q: How are applications reviewed?

A: Each application is reviewed by at least three members of the ASSP Foundation Scholarship and Grant Review Committee. Scores are averaged. Reviewers rate applications based on:

1) Academic performance such as GPA and curriculum rigor

2) Leadership activity in ASSP and the broader safety community

3) Motivations for entering the field and how you plan on achieving your goals as an OSH professional

4) Letters of recommendation that speak to the above aspects (at least one required, but get up to three if you can!)

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