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Personnel and Recruitment Officers

What they do?

Personnel and recruitment officers perform some or all of the following duties:

A. Negotiate settlements of appeals and disputes and co-ordinate termination of employment process

B. Determine eligibility to entitlements, arrange staff training and provide information or services such as employee assistance, counselling and recognition programs

C. May supervise personnel clerks performing filing and record-keeping duties.

D. Identify current and prospective staffing requirements, prepare and post notices and advertisements, and collect and screen applications

E. Advise job applicants on employment requirements and on terms and conditions of employment

F. Review candidate inventories and contact potential applicants to arrange interviews and arrange transfers, redeployment and placement of personnel

G. Recruit graduates of colleges, universities and other educational institutions

Where they find work?

1. Administrative and support waste management and remediation services - 28.0%
2. Public administration - 17.0%
3. Health care and social assistance - 9.0%
4. Educational services - 7.0%
5. Management scientific and technical consulting services - 5.0%
6. Finance and insurance - 4.0%
7. Computer systems design and related services - 3.0%

What education do I need?

1. A university degree or college diploma in a field related to personnel management such as business administration, industrial relations, commerce or psychology or Completion of a professional development program in personnel administration is usually required.

2. Certification as a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) may be required.

3. Some experience in a clerical or administrative position related to personnel administration may be required.

4. Many recent entrants have either an undergraduate university degree or a community college diploma.

High School Subject that will help:

1. English
2. Business

What can you expect to make:

The average hourly wages for Personnel and Recruitment Officers is $21.02/HR, which is above average for occupations in the business, finance and administration sector and are close to average for all technical, professional, and skilled occupations. These wages grew at a below-average rate from 2002 to 2004.

Average Wage

Personnel and Recruitment Officers wages

Expected Wage by Age

Personnel and Recruitment Officers Wage By Age


4% of Personnel and Recruitment Officers are unemployed. This rate is close to the average for technical, professional, and skilled occupations.


Personnel and Recruitment Officers Unemployment

Trends in Unemployment

Personnel and Recruitment Officers Trends in Unemployment

Current Job Outlook:

The job outlook for Personnel and Recruitment Officers is considered Average because:

1. Employment grew at an average rate.

2. The retirement rate is above average, and the number of retiring workers contributes to job openings.

3. Hourly wages ($21.02) are close to the average ($18.07), and the rate of wage growth is below average.

4. The unemployment rate (4%) is close to the 2004 average (7%).

Future Job Prospects:

Your job outlook will continue to be Average because:

1. The employment growth rate will likely be close to the average.

2. The retirement rate will likely be above average and the number of retiring workers should contribute to job openings.

3. The number of job seekers will likely match the number of job openings.

Highest Concetration:

The highest concentrations Personnel and Recruitment Officers are found in Quebec and Ontario while the lowest concentrations are in Saskatchewan and Newfoundland.

Unionization Rate:

The unionization rate (21%) is below the average (32%) for all occupations.

Useful Experience:

1. Leadership

2. Computer literacy

3. Team work

Part Time Workers

Personnel and Recruitment Officers Part Time Workers

Part time workers:

6% of Personnel and Recruitment Officers are employed only on a part-time basis. There were 19,800 workers employed in these occupations in 2004, an increase of 22% since 1997.

Age Demographics

Personnel and Recruitment Officers Age Demographics

Age Demographics:

The retirement rate to 2009 will likely be above average because of a tendency to retire at an earlier-than-average age (60).

Self Employed

Personnel and Recruitment Officers Self Employed

Self Employed:

Roughly 5% of Personnel and Recruitment Officers are self-employed. This is considered Average for the industry as a whole.

Men vs Women

Personnel and Recruitment Officers Men vs Women

Men vs Women:

74% of the individuals employed as Personnel and Recruitment Officers are women. Compared to other industries, this is Above average.