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Computer Specialists - What They Do

Computer Specialists generally receive a Associate degree before they enter the job market. Once employed, Computer Specialists can expect to earn an average of $79,000 per year throughout their career.

In addition, over the next 10 years Computer Specialists will be one of the fastest growing occupations. They should experience a 15.1% rate of growth during this time period. In respect to starting your own business, Computer Specialists are seldom seen going the entrepreneurial route. Currently, 6.6% of the employment base is classified as self-employed.

Given the job environment today, Computer Specialists can consider themselves quite lucky, as only 3.2% are currently unemployed.

Academic Programs of Interest

Computer and Information Science

Information and Computer Science (ICS) or Computer and Information Science (CIS) is a field that emphasizes both computing and informatics, upholding the strong association between the fields of information sciences and computer sciences and treating computers as a tool rather than a field.

Some ...more

Computer Graphics

Computer graphics is a sub-field of computer science and is concerned with digitally synthesizing and manipulating visual content. Although the term often refers to three-dimensional computer graphics, it also encompasses two-dimensional graphics and image processing. Computer graphics is often differentiated ...more

Web Design

You will play a vital role in your company's presence on the World Wide Web. You may use web page development software to create or change web pages, inserting text content, graphics and interactive modules that are often supplied by others in your organizational team. Before you start, you will probably ...more