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Floral Designers - What They Do

How to Advance (Advancement)
Many florists gain their initial experience working as cashiers or delivery people in retail floral stores. The completion of formal design training, however, is an asset for floral designers, particularly those interested in advancing to chief floral designer or in opening their own businesses.

Advancement in the floral field is limited. After a few years of on-the-job training, designers can either advance to a supervisory position or open their own floral shop.

Floral designers held about 76,100 jobs in 2008. About 50 percent of all floral designers worked in florist shops. Another 12 percent worked in the floral departments of grocery stores.

Job Outlook
Despite the decline in employment, job opportunities are expected to be good as many people leave this occupation because of relatively low wages and limited advancement opportunities.

Job Growth
Employment of floral designers is expected to decline slowly, by 3 percent, between 2008 and 2018. The need for floral designers will decline as people purchase fewer elaborate floral decorations for their everyday lives. Even though more people will demand fresh flowers in their homes and offices, as competition from grocery stores lowers the cost of flowers and increases the convenience of buying them, these flower arrangements tend to be simpler than those from traditional retail florists and, therefore, require fewer designers. On the other hand, this decline may be moderated by the continued demand for floral decorations, due to increases in the number and lavishness of weddings and other special events.

Mass merchandisers like grocery stores offer cheaper and simper flower arrangements, at much greater convenience, than small retail florists do. They have become more appealing when it comes to consumerís daily needs. Specialty floral retailers will continue to be needed for custom orders but are being steadily replaced when it comes to everyday sales.

Job opportunities should be good, because many people leave their jobs, particularly in retail florists, due to comparatively low wages and limited opportunities for advancement. Opportunities should be good in grocery store and Internet floral shops, as sales of floral arrangements from these outlets grow. Prearranged displays and gifts available in these stores appeal to consumers because of the convenience and because of prices that are lower than can be found in independent floral shops.

As mass marketers capture more of the small flower orders, independent floral shops are increasingly finding themselves under pressure to remain profitable. Many independent shops have added online ordering systems to compete with Internet florists. Others are trying to distinguish their services by specializing in certain areas of floral design or by combining floral design with event planning and interior design services. Some florists also are adding holiday decorating services in which they will set up decorations for businesses and residences.

Discretionary spending on flowers and floral products is highly sensitive to the state of the economy, and during economic downturns employment may fall off as floral expenditures decline.

Average wages for Floral Designers is approx. $25,000.

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