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What is the Job Description of an Air Traffic Controller?

Ever see an airplane take off or land? It's an awesome sight at any angle, but imagine having a bird's eye view, all day every day. Air traffic controllers do have a great view, but they also have a huge responsibility: they advise pilots when it's safe to take off and land, and on which runway. A lot of people's lives depend on the cool-headed judgment of these professionals. Are you up to the challenge?

Simply put, air traffic controllers direct aircraft from a glass-walled room at the top of a tower and specific duties include:

1. Control flow of air traffic within assigned airspace using radar monitors, radio and other communication equipment and visual references

2. Issue aircraft takeoff and landing instructions to pilots and relay meteorological, navigational and other information to pilots in flight keep landing and departing aircraft safe distances apart

3. Maintain radio and telephone contact with adjacent control towers, terminal control units and other area control centres, and co-ordinate movement of aircraft into adjoining areas

4. Alert airport emergency services when aircraft are experiencing difficulties and report missing aircraft to search and rescue services

5. Direct activities of all moving aircraft and service vehicles on or near airport runways.
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