From 1971 to 1996, over 300,000 students participated in outdoor environmental education programs that operated out of the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. In 1996, due to the budget restraints of both the area school boards and the HCA, the program was forced to withdraw completely from its education endeavours.

The Hamilton Conservation Foundation has recently committed to support the reinstatement of the HCA's Adventures in Outdoor Environmental Education. Over a period of three years, this program will provide Elementary and Secondary School students from grades 2 through to OAC in greater Hamilton a 1/2 day session for 200 classes each year, at the Trail Centre located at the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. We anticipate an average of 60 students per day over 100 environmental education days. This translates into 6,000 students per year, or 18,000 students over a three-year period, who will benefit from the Adventures in Environmental Education.

To find out what type of financial assistance HAMILTON CONSERVATION FOUNDATION may offer, please visit their website at: http://www.foundation.conservationhamilton.ca

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