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Below is an example of what a Student, Parent, or Counselor will see after registration. Our database matches your profile with 7 different Areas of Interest: Foundations that Provide Financial Aid, Scholarships, Videos, Academic Programs, Careers and Salary, Courses, and Universities. The sample student below is a Alberta High School Student, Interested in Engineering, and thinking about attending one of the following three schools: Wilfrid Laurier University, The University of Western Ontario, and The University of Ottawa.

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Scholarship Foundation Matches

This section is for students who are willing to do a little digging themselves. Below you will find a list of non-profit organizations that provide educational assistance to students. However, with this list there is no guarantee that the foundation will offer assistance to the year of study you are applying to. You will have to visit their website and possibly contact them:

Scholarship Matches

Scholarship Matches

Below you will find a comprehensive list of Scholarships that match your profile. For more information on each scholarship, simply click one of the links below:

1 Loran Award $75,000
Oct 21 2009

2 2009 Video Contest $2,000
Nov 30 2009

3 Entrance Awards (National Awards) $20,000
Dec 14 2009

Dec 31 2009

5 Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Jan 31 2010

6 Mensa Canada Scholarship Programme $1,000
Jan 31 2010

Jan 31 2010

8 Union Plus Scholarship Program $4,000
Jan 31 2010

9 Hal Rogers Endowment Fund $1,000
Feb 01 2010

10 Terry Fox Humanitarian Awards

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Scholarship Video Matches

Below you will find a list of all the videos in our database that match your profile. For a complete list of all our videos, simply click on the "View All" button.

Why Become a Civil Engineer? Blue Arrow
What is it like being a Chemical Engineer? Blue Arrow
What is a Chemical Engineer? Blue Arrow
Typical day of a Chemical Engineer Blue Arrow
Mechanical Engineer: Day in the Life Blue Arrow
Job Description of a Civil Engineer Blue Arrow
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Academic Program Matches

Academic Scholarship Matches

We currently have over 350 different College Majors featured on the website. Below is a list of all of the Majors that match your profile:

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Careers and Salary

Our career section allows you to compare occupations by Salary, Expected 10 year Growth Rate, Educational Requirements, and Current Unemployment Rates:

Course Matches

Each course includes detailed information on Objectives, Course Content, Instructional Methods, Assignments, and possible Text Books that may be used.

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