Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $5,500.00  Students: 700
PO BOX 550
Truro, NS      B2N 5E3

Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture

The Nova Scotia Agricultural College was founded more than a hundred years ago. Its official date of establishment was on February 1905, which was a merging between the School of Horticulture in Wolfville and the School of Agriculture in Truro. The college concentrated on teaching farmers all the practical facets related to animal and field husbandry. However, it started to give undergraduate degrees in Agriculture in 1980. Today, it is the only university that specializes on agricultural science in Atlantic Canada. ... continued below

About Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

NSAC is situated along the bank that overlooks the Salmon River. The campus is 60 hectares (including all the campus buildings and along the Pictou and College Road), and its field area, which is composed of the Salmon River fields, dykeland, and the fields behind the MacMillan Show Centre, is around 200 hectares. Recently, $9 million was spent to fund the college’s Research Infrastructure.

The campus offers in-house residences to its students. Each of its three co-ed houses/same-sex room options (Chapman, Fraser, and Trueman) are conveniently located within the important buildings inside the campus, such as the athletic centre, labs, farm, library and classrooms. The amenities included in each building are: telephone, cable hook-ups, high-speed internet, laundry facilities in the basement, and lounges (television, pool tables, etc).

Student Services and Student Life

The campus helps the students not just in the academic setting but also in other aspects of the student’s life. Career, Health, Disability, Residence, Athletics, and Food services are just some of the assistance given to its students.

Students who are enrolled at the college belong to the Nova Scotia Agricultural College Students’ Union. Aside from representing the students in all the important academic and social issues that affect them, the union offers activities that add diversity to a student’s college life. Some of them include: Student Services Orientation, Academic Orientation, River Rafting Excursion, Co-Ed Athletic Tournaments, Homecoming and Alumni Events, Scholarship Banquets, Student Success Programs, House Challenges (Trueman, Chapman, Fraser, and Off-Campus), The Barn, Remembrance Days, Golden Ram, Blue and Gold Alumni Awards Gala, Festive Craft Market, an Last Pub Extravaganza.

Those who are into athletics can take part in these sports: Volleyball, Swimming, Soccer, Skating, Rugby, Lacrosse, Hockey, Gymnastics, Golf, Football, Curling, Boxing, Basketball, and Archery. Recreational activities are also available, and anyone can choose from these options: Dance, Equestrian, Fishing, Gardening, Hiking, Martial Arts Museums, Music, Sailing, Sculpting, Skateboarding, Snowmobiling, Swimming, and Theatre. In addition, students can also opt to go to Truro which is located in Colchester County. Truro is popularly called the “Hub of Nova Scotia,” which offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy Nova Scotia at its best. Here, students may want to visit Victoria Park, Tidal bore, shopping complexes, theatres, Harness Racings, and the Tulip Festival.

Academic Programs

The university offers specialized training at the Technology, Technical, Bachelor, and Masters degree levels. The University offers Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Environmental Sciences); Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Aquaculture); Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Animal Science); Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Plant Science). A diverse range of technological programs are offered as well, such as the Diploma for Enterprise Management. This program offers concentrations in Equine, Companion Animal, Farming, Dairy Farming, as well as Greenhouse & Nursery. NSAC also offers undergraduate degrees in Agriculture in tandem with the Dalhousie University. They offer graduate degrees (Master of Science) in Animal Science, Environmental Studies, Soil Science, Plant Science, and Agricultural Chemistry. In addition, the college is also associated with Brock University, where they offer Bachelor of Science majoring in Viticulture & Oenology.


According to Research Infosource Inc., NSAC is currently number one in research intensity compared to the other sixteen universities in Atlantic Canada. It also ranks number two compared to all the undergraduate colleges in Canada for the number of faculty member publications produced by the university.

Truro Information

Home to more than 12,000 residents and a thriving business community, Truro boasts amenities that no other Town can offer: Victoria Park; a natural woodland park of roughly 400 acres in the centre of town, home of the Tidal Bore, and the largest Harness Racing facility in the Maritimes.

Truro has been described as a Victorian Market Town in both character and architecture. A wide variety of architecture can be seen in the downtown core and in Truro's three designated Heritage Conservation Districts. Enjoy the many colorful murals and tree sculptures that depict the town's rich history.


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