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Free $ for College for Dummies

About this Book:

Need money for college? This simple, straightforward guide shows you how to find scholarships, grants, and other "free money" to use toward your college expenses. You get expert advice on applying for federal grants, participating in state tuition plans, competing for scholarships from private organizations, and more with tips on avoiding scams, completing your applications on time, and finding financial aid from unlikely sources.

Recent Reviews:

Review 1
David Rosen and Caryn Mladen, the authors, cover every route for paying for college: Scholarships, grants, low interest or interest-free loans, tuition discounts, and other stuff. With that said, I found half useful and the other half irrelevant and repetitive.
Review 2
I originally borrowed this book from my local library but after reading through it a bit, I knew I had to have it! The information is good and easy to understand. I recommend it for anyone seriously looking into alternative ways of paying for college or just understanding what is going on around them.