Job Networking: How to Be at the Right Place at the Right Time

The art of networking is an essential element in any job seeker’s skill set. It’s a fantastic way for people to find perfect opportunities in the job market and make their dreams a reality. However, it isn’t always easy. We’ve boiled down some valuable tips on how to maximize the advantages of networking. 

Anybody can talk to anyone and meet up in crowded places. That’s not the point of effective networking. Professionals need to specify what they want, who they want to meet, and why they’re socializing. This narrows down their search to the exact type of events in their career field and people that can open new doors for them. 

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Already have a perfect resume? Then let’s move on to how you can get the most out of networking. 

Expand Your Online Resources 

Having a good foundation of online resource pools is going to help you a lot in job networking. Employers, employees, recruiters, and all types of individuals who are potentially relevant to your career life can all be found online.

Be creative. Professionals don’t just merely exist on platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. Here are a few other alternatives.

Bumble. It’s a phone application that matches people with dates, potential friends, and, most importantly, professionals from all types of industries. Configure the settings to choose the right mode. You can basically meet everyone on the application.

Meetup. It’s a great application to meet people important to you since the “meetups” are categorized by interest. For example, if a professional types in “crypto” as a keyword in the search bar, the application will show them events related to the keyword. Evidently, the events are happening in their particular area.

Shapr. It’s an application exclusively for professional networking, linking individuals with similar career goals and interests.

By narrowing down the right events and people that a professional could possibly meet, they will save a lot of time and effort. 

Try Good Old-Fashioned Networking 

Professionals don’t need to hire an expensive career advice expert to be successful in job networking. The most tried and true way to meet the right people to help you open the right doors is by simply looking around who’s already around you.

Sure, a childhood friend or an older neighbor might not provide you with great opportunities, but there’s always a slim chance that they know someone who can do that. 

Maybe, a family member, a distant relative, or a friend knows someone who works in a particular field that you want to get into. Look for relevant events happening in your area where there’s a huge chance of meeting like-minded individuals who share the same goals. 

Naturally, networking with people in your current job is the easiest way to find new opportunities. The added value of networking in real life is that face-to-face meetings are always more impactful than those online. 

Bonus tip: go out with your extroverted colleagues or friends. They might just know where to go to meet the right people. And there you have it, the right place and the right time.

Attend Seminars, Conferences, and Other Professional Events

Of course, one of the best ways for professionals to find the right career opportunities is to attend various events that are related to what they’re interested in. The downside to this is that not everyone lives in a thriving metropolis where a lot is happening.

For those who live in places where there’s not much going on, consider visiting neighboring cities. It’s crucial to put some effort into networking if you want it to succeed. The rule of thumb is that these types of gatherings usually become great options for getting acquainted and connecting with potential employers. 

Employ a Sniper Strategy 

By using online resources such as social media platforms or search engines, professionals can narrow down on certain individuals that can get them to break into a specific industry.

Of course, not everyone will have their contact information readily available to the public. Professionals can always try their luck by messaging people directly on whichever platform they’re using. 

It’s important to be transparent but not overbearing when communicating with individuals who can benefit you. Be polite but express your interest clearly. They need to see that you’re serious about your endeavors. 

Yet, remember that networking is a two-way street. Stay friendly and professional with everyone you meet or approach. Moreover, job networking can be a game of one-upmanship. If you want to be successful, you should demonstrate which strengths and achievements make you different from everyone else.

Final Thoughts 

Successful networking requires a bit of creativity, strategy, and perseverance. Don’t forget to be friendly and receptive. Professionals need to leave some sort of lasting impression with who they’re talking to so that they can reach the opportunities they seek faster. Although, a little bit of luck wouldn’t hurt. That’s why it’s important to stay positive and keep trying.