How to understand that you can no longer work alone and you need employees

If you think it's time for your small business to grow, carefully assess the circumstances and your options.

How to know you need employees

To determine if it's really time for you to grow, check to see if your situation matches any of the following.

1. You are turning customers away because you are busy

This can happen if you have several regular customers who take a lot of time, or there is always a large flow of new requests. You would be happy to fulfill all the orders, but there is not enough time. You have to put clients in a queue at first, and then turn them down when it gets too long.

2. By doing all the tasks yourself, you sacrifice quality

Let's take the creation of websites as an example: if the only specialist works on all the stages, he needs to meet with the client, and prepare the layout, and the guts to program. Not always a good developer will also be an excellent designer and vice versa. It would be more correct to divide responsibilities.

3. The project completion rate is much lower than the client's expectations and the market average

If you have several specialists covering the same tasks, it is obvious that the company will be able to cope with more orders. And if a project is divided into phases, and a responsible employee is assigned to each phase, you can handle several projects in parallel or several phases at the same time. In this way, you will reduce the total time needed to complete an order.

4. You understand enough about your business to supervise in a qualified manner

Once you have employees, you will have to answer for them: to clients for the quality and time of tasks, and to the employees themselves for the comfort of being in the office and paying them on time.

5. You're tired of the craft and you're ready to lead

As long as you are alone, you won't be able to scale the business and seriously increase turnover.

6. You have a financial reserve

Calculate how much money you have left over after your paychecks are paid. For example, you use the Profit and Loss Statement Template, and the numbers are very promising. If enough to live comfortably, you can afford the employees, and if not, you'll have to save up. Otherwise, the firm will support itself, but not you.

7. You would like to spend the time you have freed up to develop your business

You know how to improve your life's work, but you don't have the time or energy to plan strategically.

How to calculate how many employees you need?

We're talking primarily about the team that works on one project. If you had one store, and you're opening a chain, it's obvious that you need to have a salesperson in each store or even more than one.

  • Pick 10 common projects that you've done recently.
  • Break them down into small steps.
  • Determine which ones are similar to each other - that is, one person can work on them.
  • Assign a virtual employee to each such stage, assume his or her qualifications.
  • Make a plan for the project by days or hours - it depends on the scale. If someone ends up with too little work, add another stage of activity to the employee. If too much, try dividing up the tasks.