5 Techniques from Creative Writing You Can Use to Improve Your Essays

Creative writing involves letting your imagination fly. Essays, on the other hand, are expected to be objective and factual. It is a process in which imagination does not have a big role. Nevertheless, some techniques used for creative writing can be immensely helpful for an essay writer. In this post, we are going to discuss 5 creative writing techniques that can improve your essay.

1) Think about your reader

Before you start working on an essay, have some idea of the people who will read it. In order to make the text engaging, it's important to understand the reader's mindset. Look at the writing from the perspective of the readers and think how they will perceive it. The procedure of writing is a lot easier when you have a good understanding of your audience.

2) Use an outline

Even the most accomplished writers rely on outlines, and there are good reasons for that. Writing an essay without an outline is simply a bad idea. Before you put pen to paper, create an outline even if it is a loose outline. It will give you a sense of predictability and help you stay on track. You are less likely to write gibberish when you have a pretty good idea of what you are going to write.

Even a loose outline can be immensely helpful. Just a few sections and some catchy sentences may be sufficient in most cases. If you feel confused halfway through the essay, just refer to your outline and you will figure out what to do.

3) An attention-grabbing opening

The introductory paragraph of your essay will determine whether the reader will keep reading. There are many ways to make the opening attention-grabbing, and starting with a flashback is one of them. A flashback works because it breaks the chronology of events and takes the reader directly to the past when something interesting or intriguing happened.

For example, if you are writing about a murder, you can skip all the other events and start with the murder itself. Here is another example: if you are describing the events that led to the First World War, start with the Battle of the Somme, which is the most dramatic event preceding the First World War.

In order to write well, you basically need two things: materials for the piece, and a good style of writing. And it’s not surprising that most students do not have enough preparation and therefore submit poorly written essays.

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4) Use extended metaphors

The frequent usage of extended metaphors is a hallmark of great literary work. You can use this literary device in an essay, especially when you are having a hard time explaining a complex concept. Readers will find things easier to understand if you draw comparisons to convey a meaning.

An extended metaphor is basically an analogy which adds a layer of creativity to your work. This literary device also allows your readers to visualize concepts. And as a result you can connect to your readers in a deeper and more meaningful way.

And this literary device can be used in most essays, even when you are writing an essay about another piece of writing. For instance, if you are asked to write about the essence of this article, you will not just type my essay. You are supposed to use your own creativity, employ literary devices appropriately, and write in a way that reflects your personality.

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5) Provide interesting details about location and setting

In an academic essay, you will have to focus on problems. However, if this tendency goes too far, your essay can become dry. Adding interesting details about the setting can be an effective antidote to this problem.

It will work well for an essay on history, literature or archaeology. But don't try to apply this when you are working on a scientific essay. Incidental details can work in multiple ways, making your essay an interesting read. Writers working for Type My Essays and some other top rated essay writing services often employ this technique.

Apart from the ones discussed above, there are many other techniques you can use to improve your writing skills. Do some research, learn about various approaches to the craft of writing, and figure out what works for you.

Final thoughts

When it comes to writing an academic essay, there is not much room for imagination. You cannot let your imagination run wild. However, it does not mean that your essay has to be dry. By being a little bit strategic, you can add some elements of creativity to your writing and make it more engaging.