10 Quick & Easy Startups for Students

10 Quick & Easy Startups for Students

In almost every state within the U.S., you are eligible to start a business at any age. It’s simply a matter of expressing your goals and objectives, with the assistance of a business plan writer, to create the successful company you crave. Of course, there are challenges along the way; however, a few tips can help you define the startup you want and set the company in place for years of growth ahead. Let’s examine ten quick and easy startups any student can create. 

#1  The Cupcake Factory

Using the kitchen in your home, make cupcakes using box mixes or your own recipe to prepare two to three flavors of cupcakes. The customized frosting will be your calling card, created for each occasion. Create a design that fits your school mascot or logo, imprinting it into the frosting. Sell cupcakes during games at school. Give a portion of every sale back to the school sports team to encourage the relationship. When the business is established and growing, move to a commercial kitchen and concentrate on customized cupcake frostings for major sports teams, events, or community parties. 

#2  Wealth Collector 

Start your own recycling collection center. Use your garage, shed, or other area of a property to store the recyclables you’ll collect from friends at school. Ask them to help by bringing recyclables to your home. Take the recyclables to the collection site and collect some cash. Focus on only the most valuable items, such as cans or plastic bottles, if you want to maximize your return. 

#3  I’ve Got A Voice

If you’ve got a good voice (and even if you don’t), become a singing messenger for parties and special events. This was a solid occupation for students many years ago and there’s no reason not to resuscitate it now. Guests always enjoy a singing messenger, especially if a comedic element is included, and the tips are typically generous. The only items you’ll need are a phone, a vehicle, and clothing to match the song selection you choose. 

#4  Backyard Sports Coach

When parents get home from work, the first thing their kids want to do is play ball or other sports in the backyard. The first thing parents want to do is sit down, have an adult beverage and not move. Why not provide a 1-hour backyard coaching service for kids during early evening hours? We believe you’ll not only create success for your business, the tips will be extravagant, as well. 

#5  Mom’s Assistant

Most moms have little time to run the errands needed to keep a family functioning with any consistency. They need drug store runs for prescriptions, short grocery trips, library books returned, pets taken to the groomers, children ferried to other homes for play dates, and a host of additional mundane tasks. Students who can offer twice a week service can start a solid business in personal assisting, from the dry cleaning pick-up to the fill-the-car-with-gas chore, starting an assistant business is a highly-sought after position and one that pays well. 

#6  Digitizing Services

After estimating how many documents and old media are stashed around your home, you won’t wonder why anyone would start a digitization service. The need is enormous for smart students who can operate portable systems that will digitize documents. Priced at $200, a portable system will digitize documents before you shred and remove the shreds to the recycling center. This is a win-win!

#7  Kids Room Organizer

Although moms often tackle this job, you’ll offer to do this with the child who occupies the room, removing everything from closets and play areas, and resettling items according to the child’s preferences. Moms will love the organization; kids will love the attention they receive. 

#8  Icy Cold Wraps

Outdoor sports can be raging hot in spring and summer. Start your business by placing thick tissues, such as Wet Ones,™ in a small cooler filled with ice. Sell icy cold wraps to audiences at every sporting event to wipe faces, hands or the back of one’s neck. 

#9  Label Maker Service

Use a portable label maker to organize shelving in garages, kitchens, and pantries. These tasks take time; charge by the hour for best results. 

#10  The Holiday Afterparty

Clean, remove the Christmas tree and lights, and replace holiday decor items as needed with this owner-focused holiday home service business. 

Starting your own business as a student is an excellent way to learn how to prioritize tasks and operate a business successfully. You’ll also learn how to complete tasks regularly and create the drive to move forward while growing. We wish you every success!