How Education Has Changed in 2023: News and Trends

How Education Has Changed in 2023: News and Trends

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Societies are evolving continuously, thanks to all the technological advancements. Since the industrial revolution, everything has become more and more efficient thanks to technology and all the tools and services that have been created. 

Apart from society, technology has an impact on every aspect of it. Education, banking, finance, cooking, traveling, and many more. All domains are deeply influenced by technological advancements, and education is an essential one. So, how is technology changing education? What is the news? What will be new in education this year? What educational trends will we see this year?

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Available Training on Soft Skills 

Another trend that we will see gaining more and more momentum in 2023 is the one of training available online. The traditional educational system focuses on sharing knowledge with students. But these pieces of training focus on teaching soft skills to students. Skills like problem-solving, time management, leadership, creativity, and people management can nowadays be learned by taking part in an online training course. 

Teachers can use these courses within classes too. However, they need to find a balance between the traditional ways of teaching and the modern ones. But schools have to prepare students for their future careers, no matter what their choice will be. Many employers and organizations are actively looking for soft skills in candidates. So, this year, we will see more and more soft skills training courses available, both in classes and outside them. 


Gamification is one of the trends we will see under the spotlight this year. This was sped up by the global pandemic, as it forced educational organizations to shift to online teaching and learning. To keep students engaged, teachers began introducing gamification within the class. It is also a way to make students more motivated. However, it nurtures the creativity of students too as they have to solve new problems and accomplish new tasks. The traditional views on education and teaching changed. Teachers become coaches and take a slightly distinct role. 

Life-long Learning 

Education is changing and evolving continuously. The life-long learning trend of learning is gaining more and more momentum. Professionals want to stay competitive in their environment, so they commit to learning more and more. Of course, what you learn in college is essential for your career. And you develop your skills and expand your knowledge while you work too. Ongoing learning is a trend that is gaining more and more momentum this year. More and more training courses are available online so that they facilitate the learning of the students, but also of professionals who want to expand their skills. 

Final Thoughts 

Education is a sector that is changing constantly. Thanks to the evolution of technology, education is just surviving modifications. Students can now get professional help from experts whenever they need it. This means that their academic progress is not at risk. They can also learn from them and improve their skills. More and more training courses become available to anyone. 

Teachers begin using them within classes too. However, they have to balance screen time and traditional ways of teaching. Gamification is now part of every class as it nurtures the creativity and problem-solving of students. And the trend of life-long learning is gaining more and more momentum, as many professionals understand that they need to expand their skills to be competitive in their domain. 

Bio lines: Cory Shilling is a content writer and blogger. He usually writes about trends in education and soft-skill training courses. Cory loves reading self-development books.