Colleges and Universities Offering Grants: Conditions

Colleges and Universities Offering Grants: Conditions

Grants lessen the burden of paying college fees by parents and guardians. Different institutions offer a variety of non-refundable financial aid. Students may apply for merit aid, need-based aid, or identity-based grants. The grants are offered to needy students by many colleges across the world. 

Some colleges in the US give more than $20,000 of financial aid. Some of the grants may cover tuition fees or other students’ financial needs. Each university or college gives conditions that applicants must meet. Here are colleges and universities that offer grants and their conditions. 

California Institute of Technology

Each year, the California Institute of Technology offers need-based grants to students. Depending on the need, some students get full aid while others get partial aid. The university fee is $71,244 and includes tuition, food, and accommodation. On average, needy students get up to $49,806 in grants. Freshmen get a package of up to $50,165. 

To qualify, an applicant must prove they are financially disadvantaged. They must fill out the application form and attach the relevant documents. It is available for both local and international students. Applicants must submit their CSS profile, parent’s tax return, and Caltech form. Applications are submitted from early November to January 3. 

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Clarendon Scholarship of Oxford University

Clarendon Scholarship of Oxford University is a tuition grant given to outstanding students. Applicants must attach exam results to prove their excellent performance. Each year, the program offers new grants to 130 applicants. All applications must be submitted by the 20th of January. 

Those who qualify are notified in April. The program is only for students enrolled in masters and Ph.D. courses. The aid covers teaching materials and living expenses. Successful applicants receive up to £14,296 per year.  

Bologna University Study Grants for International Students

Bologna University is located in Italy and has a student population of over 70,000. It offers need-based grants to international students. Learners in both bachelor's and master's courses may apply. Beneficiaries must make fresh applications each year. The university offers up to €11,059 per year. Freshmen must include a copy of the admission letter to the university. They must be below 30 years and not already listed in the grants program. The deadline for submission is 31st March. 

Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University is located in Beijing, China. The university runs a grants program for the brightest students in the world. It covers full student tuition and expenditure. About 200 master’s students benefit from the program annually. 

Applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate program. They must be below 29 years old and be proficient in the English language. They must pass TOEFL and IELTS tests. Submission of applications starts in April and closes on May 20.  

Columbia University – New York City

Columbia University – New York City offers grants to students of up to $55,521. The aid is only given to applicants with disadvantaged financial capabilities. Applicants from families with less than $66,000 income annually get full aid. 

Both local and international students are free to apply. Freshmen from needy families may receive a start-up grant. It aims to help them transition into college with ease. To qualify, applicants must attach documents to prove the status of their parent’s income. 

Haverford College, Pennsylvania

Haverford College, Pennsylvania, offers partial and full financial aid to enrolled students. Up to 46% of learners at the college receive a type of financial assistance. The aid offered can be up to $52,104 per annum. All of Haverford’s grants are need-based and are given depending on total family income. 

Applicants must complete the FAFSA and CSS profile to qualify. Sometimes an applicant may qualify for a small amount of grant to support their needs. Haverford University does not offer merit or talent-based grants. All its grants are need-based. 


Colleges and university grants help lessen the burden of paying for higher education. Institution-based grants are unique, and applicants must follow specific guidelines. Successful candidates may get full or partial tuition aid. Candidates need to carefully read the guiding instructions before filling out the form. They need to observe deadlines to avoid missing a grant opportunity. Both local and international candidates may qualify for financial aid. 

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