How to Make Money in College

How to Make Money in College

For many college students, having a job to pay for education and living expenses is important. In the end, not all of them can get a scholarship or depend on their parents' support. Fortunately, there are several good options for students needing extra cash to cover unexpected bills and costs, so if you are one of them, read on and pick the ones to your liking.

Ask for a raise

One of the best ways to make money in college is by asking for a raise in your current job if you have one. While it can be a nerve-wracking experience, there are many things you can do to prepare yourself for the conversation.

First of all, you should find a good time to have the discussion. This could be in a performance review or after you have been at the company for a while.

Next, make sure you are ready for the conversation by researching your salary range and writing down a list of reasons why you deserve a raise. You can even rehearse your speech in front of a mirror or other people to help you feel more confident before the actual meeting.

It is also important to avoid making any assumptions or using personal reasons for your request. Your boss will not just raise your salary out of pity because you need more money to pay for college, go to a bar with friends or hire an online coursework writer to free your schedule. You should focus on the fact that you provide value to the company and not on a recent change in your living situation or unexpected expenses.

Sell your stuff on Craigslist

If you have any old or unwanted stuff, Craigslist is a great place to sell it. You can post an ad for free, and it's easy to find people nearby who are interested in buying your items.

However, you should be aware of some potential dangers when using Craigslist, including scams and fraud. To stay safe, meet buyers in public places, take clear photos, and use a third-party payment service.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never provide your address to any buyer. This makes it too easy for a stranger to figure out where you live and potentially get your personal information. Also, don't forget to remove geotags from your pictures before posting them online. This helps you avoid being discovered by evil people who want to steal your stuff.

Become a Bartender or Server

Whether you want to mix drinks for friends or just looking for a new job, becoming a bartender or server is a good way to make some extra money while you're in college. However, you should be aware that bartending is usually a late-night job, and it can be difficult to stick to your normal schedule if you're not dedicated.

If you want to become a bartender, consider taking a short-term training program to learn the basics of serving alcohol safely and effectively. Many vocational and technical schools offer bartending classes that last a few weeks.

Learning about the different types of liquor, wine, beer styles, and cocktails you may be expected to work with is also a good idea. This will make you more knowledgeable and better equipped to serve customers, and it can lead to new opportunities for advancement in your bartending career.

Communication skills are also important for this job, as you'll need to communicate with customers and colleagues to explain drink recipes and food items and offer recommendations. Strong communication skills will help you build trust with your guests and keep the bar running smoothly.

Take Online Surveys

If you're looking for a legitimate way to make money in college, taking online surveys can be a great choice. It's an easy way to earn cash and rewards points, which you can later exchange for gift cards or other necessary items.

You can take these surveys between classes and study sessions or even at odd night hours. They won't pay your tuition or provide a full-time income, but they'll greatly increase your earnings from other sources.

The best thing about online surveys is that they're easy to do and don't require any special skills. They're also mobile-friendly, so you can complete them anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. The best way to start making money this way is to join a few top survey sites. These websites will provide multiple surveys and offer the option to collect points or cash out your earnings.

Sell Your Old Textbooks

When you're a college student, textbooks are one of the biggest expenses. And while it may seem a little crazy to spend that much money on books, reselling your old ones can help you save a ton of money in the long run.

First, you need to decide which textbooks you're going to get rid of. Then, check out your local bookstore and eBay to see what price you can get for them. Your book's condition also matters a lot. It won't sell well if it's damaged, ripped, or torn.

Online sites like eCampus can be a great way to resell your used textbooks. They make it easy to compare buyback prices and are much more convenient than mailing your books in.

You can even cut out the intermediary and sell directly to students on your campus. This is a great option for those who want to avoid dealing with shipping costs or have to worry about the potential of getting scammed. Plus, you can make a decent profit by selling these textbooks to students who might need them for their classes.


Babysitting is a great option for college-goers who need to make money but are looking for a part-time job. It allows students to work during the week, on the weekends, and over their holidays without disrupting their studies.

Getting involved with child care is also a great way to build your resume and gain experience in a field you may want to explore later on. It gives you a taste of being self-employed and can help you develop skills such as organization and punctuality, which are important in any job.

To get started, start by talking to people you know about babysitting – ask friends and family if they need someone for their kids, or give out business cards with your online profile attached. Once you have a few clients, ask for references and get feedback on how they felt about your service.

You should also consider taking a babysitting course to work with younger children. This will not only look great on your CV, but it will also teach you basic first aid and CPR, which will keep parents at ease while they're out.