13 Safety Tips for Students in 2023

13 Safety Tips for Students in 2023

Do you want to know how to keep safe as a student? We offer plenty of useful safety recommendations for you, whether you're a family member, parent, or student. So you can have peace of mind as you or a loved one traverses an exhilarating academic and social milieu.

These suggestions not only will help you at school, but many of them also apply to personal safety anyplace you go. Here are 13 things every student should know before starting school.

1) Learn Self-Defense

Self-defense is one of the most important life skills anyone, especially a woman, should have. Yes, it may provide some peace of mind while at school. But it's also a talent you'll need after college to navigate the big world. There are several self-defense classes that are meant to increase stamina, courage, and security. You could even meet some new people!

2) Carry Bulletproof Backpacks

Owing to the increased number of school shootings, the need for personal safety equipment has skyrocketed. The handy bulletproof backpack is one of those years-old revolutionary solutions on the market.

The benefits of bulletproof backpacks are numerous, but the primary and most obvious application is to protect the wearer from gunfire.

3) Don’t Walk Alone

This may sound obvious, yet there is strength in numbers. People strolling in groups pose a concern to predators. 

It is so simple to ensure that you aren't alone. Don't be hesitant to ask your buddies to accompany you. They will most likely be relieved as well. Do so for your pals, and always ensure that they are getting around securely and not wandering alone.

4) Utilize Locks

Lock your hostel or apartment doors, vehicle doors, and valuables to avoid unsafe scenarios. This is an important practice not just while leaving your house or vehicle, but also when you are at your residence or in your vehicle. A simple closed door might persuade a predator seeking for an easy victim to reconsider. Locking doors is a simple approach to increase personal safety.

5) Trust Your Gut

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable circumstance, you must admit it and immediately get yourself out of the situation. At least, you're being too careful; at best, you're avoiding something possibly deadly. You've come this far because of your intuition.

6) Pre-program Emergency Contacts

All Phones have an emergency contact details option pre-programmed. You may enter crucial medical information, such as allergies and medical problems. You may also provide a few emergency phone numbers. All of this information is accessible without the need for your password.

7) Stay In Well-Lit Areas at Night

When commuting at night, you should take extra measures. Keep an eye on your surroundings, both close and distant. If you must walk around at night, stick to well-lit walkways, streetlights, and lampposts. Carry pepper spray, a key button, or other (legal) portable safety items for added protection. Always maintain vigilance and prevent distractions like strolling and texting, which make you an easy target.

8) Ensure Your Phone Is Accessible

When moving across schools or with new individuals, keep your phone with you whenever feasible. Cell phones are the finest means to obtain timely assistance in any individual or public safety situation. It is OK to unplug from your phone in the presence of trusted people. Keep it handy till then.

If you are in danger while going across the school and cannot instantly use your phone, utilize the emergency phone booths. If you have to keep moving to be safe, press all emergency buttons as you seek assistance. Campus police can follow you until help comes.

9) Make Eye Contact

When you come across another individual, look them in the eyes and make eye contact. Inform them that you've seen them and therefore will remember what they look like. This might prevent someone with malicious intent since, in an unanticipated assault, they prefer an unsuspecting victim to whom they can remain unknown, rather than someone who recognizes their face.

10) Hands-Free Mode

An obvious target is someone going about school with their hands full of books, a cell phone, and other tools or equipment impeding their ability to move. With your arms and hands full of stuff, it's difficult to fight back, and wicked individuals will hunt for easy prey like this. Keep your belongings in your bag and be vigilant.

11) Safeguard Your Privacy on Social Media

While social networking platforms are useful for sharing updates with family and friends, they also allow others to easily access your accounts and learn about your locations and plans.

So this is a must-know student safety advice for protecting your privacy while posting something online. Ensure you disable location services and keep your personal stuff confidential in order to avoid it falling into the wrong hands.

12) Party Responsibly

You should never go to or leave a party by yourself. Drinking alone or walking intoxicated alone puts you in a dangerous scenario. You never want to be vulnerable, inebriated, or alone at night. 

When you are out partying, ensure that you watch your drink carefully. To avoid being drugged, keep your drink at hand. When going to the washroom ensure that you clear your drink fast, if its not possible leave it under the surveillance of one of your trusted friends.

13) Understand the Campus Security Programs Offered by Schools

Taking full advantage of the school's security services is a useful campus safety recommendation, particularly for newcomers.

Most colleges now provide a variety of security measures, such as Blue light emergency phone booths, campus escort services, safety maps with recommended secure routes, and so on (See the 2023 safest college campuses in America).

Your campus security personnel are the finest source of information regarding your school's security solutions. If you ever find yourself in danger, knowing this information will make things a lot simpler.

In Conclusion

Overall, it is imperative to look out for yourself and be aware of your surroundings. You can keep yourself and your companions safe if you are prepared and knowledgeable about self-defense. Be cautious and avoid getting yourself into problems that may have been avoided.