Everything You Should Know About Signing Up on Steam

Everything You Should Know About Signing Up on Steam

For games, Windows, macOS, and Linux users can use Steam – a well-known digital marketplace. Additionally, it serves as a community hub where you can communicate with others to see what they're playing, exchange images and videos, and participate in competitive and cooperative multiplayer games. There is no cost to create a Steam account, and there are no continuing fees to utilize the service.

Today, we're going to tell you everything you need to know about Steam: what it actually is, as well as its community, how it works, and how you can create your own account there. So let's not waste time anymore and get to it together!

What is the Steam Community?

Steam offers a variety of community services in addition to a marketplace where you can purchase games and a desktop application that lets you download and arrange your game collection.

You gain access to the Steam Workshop, where you may browse mods and the latest game assets, as well as game forums, tutorials, reviews, and Steam Chat when you join the group and create your own Steam account.

How Does the Service Actually Work?

Windows, macOS, and Linux are all supported by the desktop version of Steam. Both the community component, which includes Steam Chat and the storefront where you can purchase games are included in the application.

You may access the majority of Steam features via a web browser in addition to the app. Games can be purchased at store.steampowered.com, community features (including Steam Chat) can be accessed at steamcommunity.com, or you can go straight to chat at steamcommunity.com/chat/.

How Can I Sign Up for Steam?

Steam registration is free, and you may do it through a web browser. A functional email address and a modern web browser like Firefox, Edge, or Chrome are all you need.

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Now, let's take a closer look at how you can sign up for Steam:

  1. First of all, select Login on the steampowered.com website.
  2. Then, pick Join Steam.
  3. Next, enter your email address one more time to confirm it. After choosing your country of residency, enter the captcha code or reply to the robot check in the box labeled "Enter the characters above."
  4. Check the box to indicate that you have read and agree to the Steam Subscriber Agreement and the Valve Privacy Policy after clicking the appropriate links.
  5. Then, choose Continue.

Crucial: Please keep this page open. Open a new tab while using a web browser to access your email. You will need to come back to this page to finish the signup process after you confirm your email address.

  1. Valve sends you an email of confirmation when the Verify Your Email dialog box appears.
  2. After that, a message from Steam with the subject "New Steam Account Email Verification" should appear.
  3. Next, select Verify My Email Address after opening the email.
  4. Reopen the Steam signup page that was previously open after closing the email verification page.
  5. Further, enter a name in the Steam Account Name field. Steam verifies that the name you select is available.
  6. After you've chosen the name, enter a password in the Choose Password box, then type it in again to make sure.
  7. Finally, tap Done. That's it!