Online Jobs for Students: How to Start Your Career from Home?

We’re all aware of how important it is to independently and smartly gain one’s life at a young age. It builds and reinforces values like responsibility, self-confidence, and self-esteem, and it allows us to enjoy financial autonomy and indulge ourselves in the simple, meaningful delicacies of life. 

With the new wave of online working, different opportunities have emerged for students to work and carry on with their studies at the same time.

Together, we will find out which online jobs you could practice professionally as a student in your free time.

Freelance Writer : 

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys writing, this online job is for you.

You could write about topics ranging from gastronomy to cosmetology all the way to IT and natural sciences. You name it.

Different companies and other freelancers on platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork are always on the lookout for fresh talents that can spice things up for them with a unique writing style.

You don’t necessarily have to be an A-list writer to start your freelance writing career. You could always improve and polish your writing skills through consistency and daily practice. 

Bearing this in mind, progress and steady profit will surely come your way. 

Teaching English as a Foreign Language: 

There’s a massively growing market out there for people interested in learning and improving their English as a foreign language. You could seize this opportunity to gain some extra money while enjoying the human interaction behind it. 

One profitable and easy to use platform for teaching is Preply where you could start by creating an account and setting your prices and availability. Once you access the platform you'll be able to apply for teaching gigs or get booked by the learners themselves. 

Freelance Transcriber : 

Transcribing could be the perfect online job for you if you are patient enough.

You could do it in your native language or any other language you are good at, all you need is a pair of decent headsets and fast typing skills.

The way to kick start this is by posting the gig on platforms like Fiverr by making sure  to highlight your language proficiency.

Another way of doing this is through applying for companies specialized in transcription such as Scribie to gain an initial experience in the field.

Graphic Designer : 

Having design skills is one of the most requested assets nowadays.

If you are a student and have an interest in art and the artistic side of a business, this might be your cue to start your career as a graphic designer. 

You could always enhance your Photoshop or Illustrator skills using online tutorials, and create a decent portfolio. 

A lot of businesses are always scouting for a designer to support their marketing team, so there’s hardly any shortage of the different online job offers in this domain. 


You could go with any of the above-listed ideas or you could follow a different passion of yours. If you’re a young musician, you could help others learn your instrument. If you're a good cook, you could organize online masterclasses for those looking for some guidance in making their food healthier and tastier. 

The idea is that students can start making money at an early stage of their lives, surely paving the way for a more responsible and brighter future.