Types of School Fundraisers: Explained

Money is something that has undoubtedly one of the biggest impacts on current society. It is not just the current society, but ever since money was introduced there has been a certain division. The division between the people who have money and can do whatever they want, and people without money. It is sad that many people’s lives revolve around this concept of money, just pieces of paper.

The truth is that money represents something to each and every one of us. The difference is, how we value it and what we use this money for. Money can and should be used only for making good changes to this world, not hoarding it. Fundraisers are a great way to use the money to make these good changes. Maybe you alone can not make a big change with money, but gather more people and money starts to add up.

Explaining the cause to students

For a fundraiser to function, you need to explain the cause properly to everyone. This is most easily done with interesting fundraising ideas for students that are made to attract attention. For example, creating a fundraiser for cancer research is great, but only if it is executed correctly. You need to put it in a way that everyone understands it and combine it with a creative idea to execute it.

How to choose the right charity

The easiest types of fundraisers are the ones that gather funds for the school. If you are seeking to give the funds to another cause, it is important to find the right one. It is quite unfortunate that there are many people out there that make charity a scam. If it is not a complete scam, there are many organizations that funnel a lot of money into their own pocket. Or there are organizations that gather the money for your cause, but use it in an ineffective way.

No matter whether the funds are for the school or other causes, you need to have visible results. People donate money because they want to change something, and they want to see that change. If you are investing in a school renovation, make sure that the changes are worth the money. Save every bill and show it off to everyone, so they know where the funds went. Other charities should also show results as much as they can because that will encourage people.

Online donations

Online donations are a great feature that you should add to your fundraiser. By making it online, people outside the school can also donate to the cause. Also, it is much more convenient to donate this way, and it is easier for you to oversee the donations. Making QR codes that lead to your donation page is a great way to attract attention. Overall, online fundraisers are more convenient for everyone, and you should implement this.

Party fundraiser

Throwing a party for fundraising is a great way to gather money for most causes. This means investing a bit of money to have a nice party and gathering funds from entry and drinks. It is best that you have a minimum entry fee and an option to pay more if the students want to. That way, you are setting up clear goals that will pay off the party supplies and have money for the donation.

The trick is to find the golden balance of not overspending and underspending. If you overspend on the party, there will be fewer funds for the fundraiser. If you overspend, the party will not be fun and people will not want to visit and donate. There is no point in hiring a celebrity that will cost you more than the money they can offer. If you can get a celebrity to come for charity’s sake, that will be a huge bonus for the party.

Science education

A science fair is a great way to gather people, educate them, and gather some funds. If you want to renovate a science lab in your school, people want to know why you want to do it. By gathering scientists to talk about science in a fun way, kids will fall in love with the idea. Not only them but also the parents, and thus you can gather more funds for the project.

For example, let’s get back to the earlier example of a cancer research fundraiser. If an expert in the field tells a broader audience why this is important and explains them properly, people will know where their money is going. Not only will you gather funds, but kids might also see themselves in this role in the future.

Environmental fundraiser

Gathering funds to save the environment is a great cause that many people want to get behind. You can do this fundraiser in several ways and make it fun. One would be the regular where you gather funds for a certain environmental organization. Again, this type of fundraiser is best done if you have an interesting educator ready to talk before you start gathering funds.

Another would be to gather funds to make your school more eco-friendly. For example, gathering money to install solar panels would be in everyone’s interest. Gathering the money to have more recycling bins around is also great. You can also organize events for cleaning up the dirty parts of a nearby park or a forest.

As the saying goes, when a bunch of small hands unites, everything is possible. That is the whole point of a fundraiser, to have a synergistic effect of smaller amounts of money. One dollar can not make a change, but a thousand people with one dollar can do something. It is unfortunate that many people do not share this way of thinking and want everything for themselves.

Money can't buy happiness, but it sure can bring changes that encourage happiness. Try telling a sick person that money does not matter when they can not afford the medicine they need. This world is a harsh place, which is why it is important to spread the word of unification. Only through unification and combined efforts can we make big changes to the system. Actions that spread positivity bring positivity, negativity never brings more positivity to this world.