Online resources for education and learning

More than ever before, students of all ages are turning to online resources for all kinds of educational opportunities and endless learning. There are nearly limitless resources to learn about anything you can imagine, from advanced science and math to a new hobby.

Online education resources vary in quality and delivery. Some are academic courses that cost thousands, while others are free videos or written tutorials. You can find tools from the top thought leaders to passionate, self-taught enthusiasts.

With the explosion of online education resources, it's essential to be discerning and always read the fine print. For any subject you want to learn, there is a quality resource within your budget that can help you reach your goals.

Here is a shortlist of the unique kinds of online education resources available for you to explore. The exploration of knowledge is a worthy quest. These exceptional courses, videos, and other materials make it a convenient one, too.

Online Academies

Online academies are most often employed as a reputable homeschooling option. These academies can serve kindergarten to high school students across various core curriculum needs, from reading to science and advanced disciplines like foreign languages. 

Some online academies for young students like Khan Academy offer an international community of fellow students who interact only online. Students work independently but come together for interactive class periods as well.

Other academies, like this network in California, are location-based. Location-based online academies provide an in-person element important for youth development while combining the flexibility of online learning. If this interests you, be sure to check into online academies based on where you live.

There are also online academies for adults, both for those who want to engage in lifelong learning and those who are seeking a high school diploma. Online academies are also a fantastic option for those who want to learn English as a Second Language.

Online academies are a more structured experience toward a long-term goal, like graduating with a high school diploma or mastering a language. These academies are often not free and can take weeks or years to complete.

Free Courses

There are unlimited free courses available online, where you can explore any subject matter of interest at no cost. Many of these classes come integrated with engaging video, easy-to-access texts and readings, and opportunities to interact with fellow students.

There is no limit to what you can learn online through a free course:from a class on medical parasites to mindfulness, and an introduction to the Dutch language, there are courses available for free on the internet about almost every subject.

While you may assume free courses are as valuable as their price, many of these classes are offered by some of the most reputable global sources. Ivy League universities like Yale and Stanford offer an exciting variety of classes for free to give you a taste of elite college courses.

If you’re willing to pay a little more, some online courses offer certification or accreditation. These courses are offered for a fee that is much lower than a more traditional educational environment: the cost of a course certification is often quite low, and very often less than one hundred dollars. 


Tutorials are defined as informative, often step-by-step explanations of a technical task. A tutorial may be written, altough nowadays often tutorials are also captured in video form.

No matter how you learn best, there is a tutorial out there to meet your needs. Experiment with different kinds of tutorials to determine what works best for you.

This form of online learning is task-oriented for a short-term result. Users may refer back to a trusted tutorial repeatedly to remind themselves how to complete the process. Websites like YouTube are overflowing with tutorials on almost anything you can imagine.

It's easy to find a vast array of free tutorials available on the Internet. As with anything you find online, it is recommended to find a trusted source for your information. This is especially important with a tutorial, as you will apply the tutorial’s advice soon after watching.

Online Calculators

The variety of high quality online calculators available is another great example of online learning resources. Students of all ages and disciplines can benefit from an online calculator, whether it's a graphing calculator for engineers or a simple scientific calculator to learn algebraic equations.

For many scientific and mathematical disciplines, a significant figures calculator can help deliver more accurate results. Online significant figures calculators can improve the accuracy of many calculations that involve measurements.

Online calculators are almost always free and come in so many different varieties. No matter your discipline, there is most likely an online calculator that can help you. 

A Virtual World of Knowledge For All

Online education resources and learning are a wonderful option for all kinds of students. Young learners in kindergarten to high school are increasingly turning to the flexibility of online courses to help them achieve their fullest potential. 

Adults are also discovering the unlimited possibilities to learn something new and exciting online. Those who want to master another language, learn a new hobby, or achieve their high school diploma can use a spectrum of online resources to reach their goals.

For people who experience mobility issues or other difficulties in leaving their environment, online learning resources are a great solution. For students who are shy in a lecture hall, online academies offer a rare chance to shine in an educational setting.

While you can pay for certification or accreditation from an online course, many reputable classes are available for free. From a traditional course that lasts for weeks to a day-long intensive, there are online learning resources that fit every lifestyle.