How to Write a Great College Application Essay

After a student completes all the required tests and fills in the necessary forms, the next step is to create a neat application essay. It is a document that represents you to the group of admission officers. This essay will either become your ticket to college or the reason you receive a rejection. Therefore, you should prepare well before you get down to writing the 500 words college application essay that would change your life.

Go through the instructions carefully

You may know that the most challenging part of every task is pulling yourself together and working on it. It works the same with the application essay. No wonder the first recommendation to follow is to read the guidelines. For example, every educational institution may have specific requirements for the application essay, such as word limits or page numbers. 

For that reason, you should point out all the things the admission officers will pay special attention to. Professional writers from any custom writing essay service do the same every time they need to complete an outstanding piece of writing. Note that if you miss out on some requirements, exceed the word count, etc., the admission officers may think you cannot follow simple requirements.

The introductory paragraph is crucial

Sometimes students rush into writing the main body, as they think it is the most crucial bulk of the essay. Nevertheless, it is the introduction that catches the reader's attention and makes a person continue reading. Consider your essay's beginning as your personal presentation in front of the admission group — the better it is, the more benevolent the audience. 

So, what makes a worthy introductory part? It is pretty simple. You should not beat around the bush and talk about the essay topic right from the beginning. By doing so, you show your appreciation for the reader's time and patience. Make it comparatively short and straightforward.

Try to be original

People hate cliches yet are into using them so much. It is a normal reaction to use a phrase that sounds flashy and familiar to listeners. However, people may lose their interest in you as soon as they see so many similar words and phrases in different writing pieces. One of the reasons it happens is that people may read dozens of admission essay examples before writing their own.

Sure, it is good to search for some great essays that guaranteed one's enrollment some time ago. You can find lots of admission essays from other students on the Internet for your inspiration. And you can really grasp the mood of a person and define what makes it so catchy. Nonetheless, you have something incredible specifically, so use it for your essay to blow the admission officers' minds.

Be yourself

It seems to be an obvious thing — be yourself while creating the application essay. However, there is always a temptation to be a better version of yourself so that the reader has a refined picture of the candidate in his or her mind. With time, you will learn that it is not that hard to detect a fake image of a person. Thus, be yourself.

The colleges and universities praise the desire to be original, use your brain, and protect your principles. The admission essay is your chance to show your ambitions, motivation, future plans, and the real reasons you want to enter this or that educational institution. In other words, follow your inner voice throughout the entire process of writing.

Always keep up with the essay plan

Every time you need to write any essay type, you will have to stick to the outline. You cannot miss anything critical and have a coherent structure by doing so. Besides, a plan allows you to share your thoughts clearly so that there is no misunderstanding after the last word is read. Sure, you must write down the outline initially, but also remember to check if you are following it.

Support your ideas with some examples

It might not be enough to just talk about your plans and accomplishments and share some essential ideas that construct you as a human being. Consider adding some examples every time you mention some new point of view. This would show the admission officers how your brain works and whether you can find the connections between the situations, events, or people.

If there is an influential figure in your life, you can also share some facts. But include only the things that underpin the idea you mentioned in the text or show your personality. Keep in mind that the creative wave can bring you far from reality. Thus, always make sure you don't share too much or useless information.

Proofread two times and then one more time

In fact, you can proofread your application essay or ask anyone to do this for you. It might be better to allow several people to look through the writing to receive diverse points of view. Others' feedback is essential; however, if you are satisfied with the content and believe it is perfectly crafted, consider the grammatical and stylistic editings only. It is all up to you. Your task is to deliver an error-free essay that meets the guidelines.

Following the primary recommendations in this article, you can write a great college application essay with ease. Your admission essay works almost the same as a business card. Therefore, read the instructions carefully, stick to the plan and the tricks you already know, and proofread your writing several times.