Top Scholarships In Forensic Science Education In 2022

College is expensive and you don’t need anyone to tell you that. If you wish to study abroad in a country like the US, you can expect to spend a whole lot of money on your school or fall under heaps of debt. Some fields of study are even more expensive than others, and one of these is forensic science.

Studying forensic science is a dream for many students who wish to work in crime scene investigations and similar roles. They may have heard about this field from a popular TV show or even thanks to their tutor giving them some forensic science essays to write as part of their academic course. Forensic science essay topics can be quite enjoyable to research and write about which is why some students develop a deeper interest in being part of this field as soon as they hear the term and understand what it entails.

But whether you wrote an essay in your class on the subject for your coursework, read about it in a book in your library, or got fascinated with it because of a movie, getting a degree in it can be expensive. That is why it is important to know about the best forensic science scholarships that you can apply for when joining a university.

Scholarships for Forensic Science

1) AFTE Program

A student wanting to study this subject can apply for the AFTE scholarship based on their progress towards graduation. The AFTE awards $2,000 as part of this program. The funds can be utilized in paying for various levels of studies in the field. Special consideration is given to those who are working on firearm or tool mark examination for their diploma dissertation. 

2) IAFN Foundation Nevada

This scholarship grants nurses in Nevada the chance to boost their career by getting forensic science education. The total fund of $5,000 is given to 9-10 nurses in the region. The money can be used for one of three supported online courses.

3) Mike Byrd Science Scholarship

To help with graduate education, this is a scholarship for forensic science students from eligible counties in Florida. The total grant is $1,000 and is given out each year. Students must be working towards a career in crime scene investigation to be considered for this grant.

4) Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists

This is one of those forensic science grants for which you have to write a strong essay. If you have not written a personal statement for a grant before, it is important to familiarize yourself with such texts. Writing this personal statement should be given enough time and attention. The grant is based on merit and can help you pay for your education and get that degree you’re after. Your grade, therefore, matters in getting selected for this grant so be sure to do well on your exam.

5) Nuclear Forensics Undergraduate Scholarship

One of the top scholarships for forensic students, this one is offered by the US Department of Homeland Security. Students must be citizens of the US and enrolled in a full-time program to apply for this grant. The grant provides a stipend of $10,000 per year.

6) Barry M. Goldwater Program

If you are studying a natural sciences program that may lead to your forensic science education, you may want to apply for this grant as it will provide $7,500 every year to around 450 students in 2022. You must be studying natural sciences, engineering, or mathematics to be eligible for this grant.  

7) SOFT Research Awards

SOFT is an institution that offers Education Research Awards to students who are pursuing a program related to forensic toxicology. Students are required to have a very strong academic standing as well as a legitimate financial need for the $2,000 that is awarded.


Whether you are someone who has seen too many crime movies or someone whose teacher has given you a lesson on this subject, pursuing forensic science as a career can be very exciting. But with such significant tuition fees to bear, it can be difficult to do so. That is why applying for a grant never hurts, even if you’re not going to a physical campus but rather enrolled in an online program. Getting a grant will help you a little in learning your preferred subject from the best faculty possible and helping push investigative science forward.