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University of Toronto: Opportunities Abound

With many keys to choose from, there is one with the power to unlock every closed door I encounter. Having a great interest in literature, the key is the University of Toronto, which has been educating and guiding students since 1827. The University of Toronto should not be simply labeled as an institute of education, but as the stem of many world renowned literary geniuses, branch of Canadian history, and root of remarkable literature. Attending this university will allow me to blossom in the subject of English like many other famous authors and professors before me.

Considering the University of Toronto was built before the birth of Canada, its tremendous history and culture may allow it to be described as the heart of the city. Between its numerous buildings of architectural beauty and libraries of countless books, it has seen the evolution of Toronto and its people for the past one hundred eighty years. Sitting in a classroom with hundreds of eager students, I can only imagine who has studied at my desk in the past. A Caucasian man who did not consider himself yet Canadian, perhaps followed by a soldier of World War I, or an enthusiastic woman excited to finally exercise her intelligence, all in my position, thrilled to embark on this significant chapter of learning. The mere environment teaches me that for many years, this university has been successful in giving a variety of students the opportunity to grow, and will allow me to do so as well.



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