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Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy: Dedicated to the student body

The Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy prides itself with providing a professional environment and is committed to ensuring that the students receive the attention, encouragement, and help they require to excel. For this key reason I would choose to apply to this college if I had the option of attending any college of my choice.

The OVCMT tries to maintain the highest possible standards of education in professional massage therapy so as to guarantee the success of their students upon graduation. I'm pleased at knowing that providing a supportive atmosphere is one of their top priorities because it causes the students to develop the proper skills, knowledge, and attitude they'll require. The college is located in downtown Vernon where there is easy, fast and convenient access to restaurants, apartments, cafes, shopping centers, and much more. The scenery of Vernon includes a variety of forests, lakes, vineyards, creeks and orchards so I would be more than enthusiastic to receive the opportunity to study in a peaceful, small-town environment.

They have an exceedingly diverse curriculum to offer to the students which not only teaches several different massage and spa treatments but in addition teaches business, communication, the history of massage, and internship. During the entire three-year program a total of twenty-nine different class courses are taught. Continually throughout my life I've always held an interest in massage and the incredibly wide variety of methods this field has to offer such as reflexology, hot and cold stone massage, sports massage, acupressure massage, and ayurveda; the OVCMT makes all of these methods and more available to the attending students. The reasoning the college has for offering such courses like business and internship is that they want to ensure the complete success of their students by preparing them for potentially opening up a clinic of their own, working with a partnership, incorporations, or other options.

The college creates several objectives that they will have completed by the end of the program, such as guaranteeing the understanding of all present students. They want to make certain that all students are qualified as a professional Massage Therapist who can offer practical community service. Another objective is to supply an orientation on basic business management to provide students with practice for the future. The OVCMT's main goal is to not only meet the requirements of the British Columbia Department of Education, and Private Vocational Schools Regulations Act but to exceed them.

Out of all other colleges that provide massage therapy courses I would choose the OVCMT above them all due to the dedication they have towards the accomplishment of their students. They make sure the students have received a large range of courses so that they will have an expanded knowledge of the subject. The support, attention, and commitment that they offer to everyone at the college is something I look forward to and will appreciate when the time comes that I attend the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy.



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