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Sorbonne - University of Paris: Where Pierre Elliott Trudeau Attended

The Sorbonne, University of Paris IV, has been nourishing minds since the year 1257. The institution, which focuses mainly on literature, modern languages, history, and political and human sciences, would feed any mind looking to understand the world in which we live. Great people have attended the Sorbonne and set both an example and a precedent for students who follow them. The atmosphere, history, and expectations at the Sorbonne would create the perfect learning environment for a young woman looking to see and understand the world.

Robert de Sorbon founded the French university in 1257. A college for poor students, the school soon became a very active participant in the political and philosophical debates of its time. The university was closed due to the French Revolution, and was reopened by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1808. It has withstood both World Wars and recently faced extreme riots due to the release of the controversial Contrat Première Embauche in 2006. Throughout history, it has become a prestigious place of learning. To imagine the scholars who have studied, worked, and learned there, and the voices that have spoken out in the name of this institution is breathtaking. One can only imagine the energy and drive that could be derived from thinking of the achievements of all those who have come before.

Marie Curie, Adrienne Clarkson, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and Simone de Beauvoir all attended the Sorbonne. The institution has produced influential people in the past, and it will continue produce them in the future. To study, discuss, and share opinions with people who have great expectations of themselves and the world would be inspirational. To learn about how the world works through great resources and professors would be immeasurable.

The focus on liberal arts at the Sorbonne would develop a mind ready to search and fight for peaceful solutions to global issues. The study of how we live and what we can believe and agree on as a universal community is paramount; we must be careful how we interact with different states as we put newfound knowledge to use. Progression of science is important to the advancement of humankind, but we must ensure that our political and social actions are ready to move forward as well. Morals, emotions, and rights must always be carefully considered.

Studying at an institution where minds have grown and explored for centuries, where famous rulers have stood on the doorstep, and where there are so many hopes and expectations for tomorrow, could only encourage a mind to think of ways to help make the world a better place to be.



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