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University of Melboune: Top 25 in the World

If it was possible to attain my degree from any post-secondary institution in the world, I would chose to obtain my Bachelor of Optometry from the University of Melbourne, in Australia. The reputation and prestige of the University of Melbourne is as impressive as the city's status for quality of life. It is important to not limit one's perspective on post-secondary education solely on an institution; because ultimately, the city's socio-economic climate provides the foundation for how you live and learn. Therefore, in judging which university would ideally (but realistically) suit my post-secondary goals, Melbourne provides the most diverse yet encompassing surroundings.

Melbourne has thrice shared the top position in a survey by The Economist of The World's Most Liveable Cities. The city's culmination of social conditions (ex: low crime rates, excellent health care), climate, cultural attributes, etc. contribute to a positive community environment which, as an international student, is very inviting. The inner-city location of the campus provides for a University experience that extends beyond the classroom. While the prospect of travel and internationalizing one's degree is exciting, the life skills learned by this experience would be invaluable.

For the past two years, the Times Higher Education Supplement has consistently ranked the University of Melbourne within the top 25 universities in the world (the highest ranked post-secondary institution in Australia). Specifically to my interests, the University of Melbourne is currently the only optometry school in Australia (and one of the first internationally) to offer a program that encompasses therapeutic management of ocular disease. It is encouraging as a student interested in optometry to have found a program which has adapted itself to the changing dynamics of the profession. Furthermore, there are a number of hospitals/optometric clinics nearby allowing students to increase their introduction to actual clinical experience.

On a different note, the University of Melbourne has an extensive athletic program which would allow me to continue my competitive training in Track & Field. Melbourne, as a city, is regarded as the sporting capital of Australia. To stay on par with the city's competitive sporting edge, the University of Melbourne provides state-of-the-art fitness facilities for the University community which correlates to increased opportunities to refine my skills.

A balance between academic pursuit and athletic development is an essential part of a well-rounded education. As well, the value of travel and exposure to diverse cultures enhances the maturation of an individual. The University of Melbourne meets all the conditions that I believe would provide an outstanding educational environment, which is the foundation for my career and future success.



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